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In these times, many are looking for ways to “keep up appearances” which are more affordable yet effective. Today, I would like to mention a few.

1) Pigmentation. Don’t just think of your face, it also affects the hands, chest, neck and sun-exposed areas. It is very common and treatable. The hands and chest can be treated at the same time. These brown splotches that vary from a few millimeters to areas the size of a quarter  are caused by sun damage. The skin becomes dull and aged. They can sometimes be treated with prescription creams, however, the more “resistant” ones can benefit from laser. Virtually all this pigmentation can be greatly diminished or erased.  One or two treatments are usually all that is required. $500 per treatment.

2) Red spots or telengectasias. These dilated blood vessels or capillaries are also caused by sun damage and appear more frequently in fair skinned patients. These areas are treated with a specific laser which is absorbed by the red blood cells in the tiny vessels or capillaries . These red spots are eliminated or reduced in one or two treatments. The cost of the laser treatments depends on the number of areas treated. From $200 to $500 per treatment.

3) Fine lines around the eyes. Depending on the severity of the wrinkles, they can be treated with a laser which will substantially reduce these lines. This laser will result in some down time but can be accomplished without general anesthesia. $500 per treatment.

4) Hair Removal. This treatment is for dark or pigmented hair. Due to the growth of the hair follicle it must be treated over 5 sessions but will greatly reduce the hair on a permanent basis. Pricing dependent on size of area.

5) Ear lobe lift. With aging and heavy earring the ear lobes tend to lengthen. The lose of elasticity is what causes this aging of the ear lobes and can be successfully treated with a simple in office procedure. It is commonly overlooked but correcting it give a fresher more youthful look! The splits in the ear lobes can also be corrected at the same time. $700 for both ears or $450 for just repairing split ear lobes.

6)” Liquid Face Lift”. As we age, the skin loses elasticity. After 35 or 40 most of us stop producing elastin and collagen which keeps the skin youthful and vibrant. Aging also results in lose of volume especially in the mid-face. The fat in the mid-face reabsorbs. Depending on the shape of the face the volume lose occurs as early the  3rd or 4th decade of life. Radiesse is an excellent way to restore this volume in the mid-face. A 1.5 cc syringe is $750 or if  more than one syringe is needed a discount will be given. Other fillers are available or permanent procedures are also a consideration.

7) Lip rejuvenation. Is your concern thin lips or does your lipstick “bleed” into those pesky  lines? A simple 1/2 hour lip treatment can relieve both of these problems. Often a simple syringe of Juvederm is the answer. Cost $550.

8) Eyelashes. Want longer eyelashes? There is now a way of  accomplishing this by using Latisse. By simply brushing  this opthalmic solution your lashes will become longer and thicker in 8 to 12 weeks. This is by prescription only since there are side effects that must be discussed. Latisse can change the the color of the skin if used inappropriately and even cause unwanted hair growth. The cost of this is about $120 per kit .

9) Aged Hands. Do you have prominent veins? Aging of the hands is more than just pigmentation. Lost of fat makes the bones and veins more prominent. A simple addition of filler can make your hands more youthful. Both hands for $750, lasts about 1 year.

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