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New treatments for skin hydrating

It seems like everyday a new method of skin improvement hits the market to better treat wrinkle reduction, pigment spots, acne, etc…The latest, The Dermasweep, provides micro-resurfacing to reduce early aging lines, and treat sun damaged, acne, surgical scars and dehydration. The Dermasweep actually infuses hydrating nutrients like antioxidants into the skin; as it cleans it replenishes cell tissue. To find out more about the benefits of The Dermasweep Treatment, go to my website home page and click on the sub-title on top, Non-Surgical & Laser Options. It’s also been featured in Oprah & Elle Magazines!

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  1. Whazt is the difference between the Dermasweep Laser, the Pixel Laser, Co2 Lasers – it’s all very confusing. I just want to rejuvenate my skin and tired look – lasers sound like “sandblasting”, like something more appropriate for acne…? Please explain

  2. I am looking at my 57th birthday and while I am in good shape, eat well and take care of myself, the signs of aging are frankly a bit depressing. Frown lines, smile lines, thin spider veins in my calves. I’ve never had and “work” done, but I”m ready to do some touch up work. Any suggestions for non-invasive remedies that don’t require weeks of recuperation?

    • Your concerns are shaed by many. There are many options for minimally invasive improvement for the frown and smile lines. Thwey may range from laser rejuvenation to the use of dermal fillers. Go to our web site for the options to non invasive treatment. It will provide more information and give you all your options. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss this in detail.

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