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First, and foremost, welcome to my new Beauty Blog. It’s my opportunity to communicate with you in real time about your interests and questions regarding the world of cosmetic surgery. The Beauty Blog provides you with the opportunity to ask direct questions, or read in on others questions and I can dialog with you and explore all the options.

The number of cosmetic surgery procedures may have slowed somewhat in the current economy, but it’s still a healthy and popular choice. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 1.8 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States last year; up 7% from the year before! Of those procedures, 10 million were so-called “minimally-invasive” procedures, such as injectable soft tissue fillers such as Botox, “facial rejuvenation” procedures such as chemical peels and new “laser resurfacing” treatments. It seems Hollywood movie stars aren’t the only ones opting for cosmetic procedures to reverse the signs of aging, or at least make temporary adjustments.

The recent renovation of the Sansum Clinic Department of Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics now enables my patients many new options for non-invasive treatments that temporarily restore and rejuvenate skin, but doesn’t take a bite out of your bank account.

New, exciting services include: Laser Micro-Resurfacing & Epi-Infusion Treatments and Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal. As we continue the Beauty Blog I look forward to discussing more about these new, exciting services and whatever else is on your mind, or should I say your skin…

For your good health,

David F. LaPatka, MD, FACS

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    • David L. LaPatka, MD says

      Dear Max,
      It’s a little difficult to make specific recommendations without seeing you but a ” non ” surgical facelift maybe what you are looking for. By using various fillers as well as botox and or laser treatment you will be able to attain a more refreshed look. The treatment depends on your the amount of correction you would like to obtain. Often times one or two cc’s ( milliliters) of filler can make a significant change.Thanks for your question.
      David LaPatka,M.D.

    • David F. LaPatka, MD says

      Thanks for your interest.
      I do use sculptra. I think it is an excellent alternative for volume replacement.
      I have not yet used dysport although the rep has gone over the product with me . I want to be very sure that it lasts at least as long as Botox . I know that the FDA says it lasts 4 months but I want to try it on myself and a few employees prior to general use.

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