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Dear Dr. LaPatka, Thank you so much for a wonderful surgery experience. Everyone was so caring and pleasant to be with. And I certainly appreciate the outcome!L.M.

Dr. LaPatka and Team, Thank you so much for everything! From my first consultation up to getting my cast removed, the treatment I received from your entire team was exceptional. There is not enough good things I could say about you guys. I always felt taken care of and everyone there made me feel calm and reassured when I needed it. I am so happy I picked you guys for my procedure and I can’t thank you enough for the amazing service you have provided me.L.G.

Heather, E. and I wanted to thank you for the consistent kindness, honesty, friendship and excellent care you have given us. While we are very pleased with the cosmetic results you and Dr. LaPatka have provided, we are even more pleased that we can receive such care and results in a friendly and caring environment. We always feel that any services offered are based on realistic appraisal and positive outcome, and that you are not satisfied until we are satisfied. Thank you very much your caring attention through the course of E’s and my various treatments.B.B.

Dear Dr. LaPatka and Staff, Thank you all for all you have done for me. Everyone here is extremely talented, caring and supportive. I can’t say enough about how wonderful you all are.B.J.

I had some asymmetry in my upper lip that I wanted to correct. I met with Heather to discuss my options. She listened to my concerns and then we decided to inject Restylane® in my upper lip. Heather numbed my lip and was very careful and conservative in the process. She explained everything in detail including what to expect and the benefits of adding more if needed. I have loved my results so much that I continue to go back. I feel much more confident when I smile. I never want to be without it.L.A.

To Dr. LaPatka, I would like to thank you many times over for the superior level of care you provided me before, during and after my septoplasty. I am so very thankful that you were able to perform my septoplasty with such short notice and on top of that with favorable results. Thank you for being great at what you do.R.N.

Thank you for all you did in making me look and feel so great!K.F.

Thank you for your kind and compassionate care. You are an extraordinary surgeon and it shows.S.S.

You’re such a gifted doctor and sincere individual, I could not have asked for anything more natural-looking from my plastic surgery.M.G.

I greatly appreciated how well you listened to me, explained options, and persuaded me not to do things I didn’t need. Equally important was the fact that you gave me a realistic picture of the recovery process. Even when I left your office after the initial consultation, I felt better about myself, knowing that I was getting the right help for some cosmetic problems that have bothered me a long time. –  J.F.

I truly enjoyed your honesty and sincerity in helping me choose the right procedure. I look in the mirror and I feel so much better. Thanks a bunch!R.Z.

I wanted to thank you for the kind and caring manner that you showed to my daughter before her surgery. You were so patient and handled the situation so professionally, that I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude.L.B.

I seriously considered surgery when I turned 50 because I noticed some droopy skin under my neck and I became self conscious about it. During my consultation, Dr. LaPatka was very nice, personable and professional and I specifically felt comfortable knowing his specialty was facial cosmetic surgery. After my surgery with Dr. LaPatka I’ve experienced total happiness! I don’t just look refreshed once a week, but every time I look in the mirror. I love my new profile and my neck looks many years younger!L.P.O.

Dr. LaPatka and I discussed the different options that would help address my concerns. After reviewing my photographs, we decided that the best procedure for me would be the cheek and neck lift procedure as well as a chin implant. I was not nervous before my surgery because I had complete confidence in Dr. LaPatka and his entire surgical team. I am thrilled with my results! I now have the defined neckline that I always wanted. I am so grateful for Dr. LaPatka and the outpatient surgical team at Sansum Clinic.H.G.

I started realizing that I just didn’t like the way I was looking and maybe it was time to do something about it. Dr. LaPatka reassured me that I was going to look natural. Since my surgery, I love wearing make-up and jewelry again and I feel like I look like I did when I was 40!B.J.

I feel beautiful after my facial rejuvenation procedures. I look fresh, rested and 10 years younger. The best part is all of the compliments I receive. Everyone keeps saying my makeup looks great and that I am glowing!F.G.



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