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Erbium Laser Treatment and CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Skin rejuvenation is a very important element of cosmetic surgery.

The CO2 and Erbium Laser are used to treat facial wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and the face. These lasers can greatly diminish wrinkles, some creases, age spots and discoloration, but can tighten loose skin. They remove the skin dermis and upper dermis to promote the formation of new, non-damaged skin. They are also effective in resurfacing scars and correcting textural irregularities. Dr. LaPatka will help you decide which laser technique will best fit your individual needs and skin type.

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How will I look and feel initially?

At first, you will be red and swollen. By the next day the swelling increases and you will be extremely puffy over your entire face including the eyes if treated in this area. There may be oozing of serous, clear fluid and moistness to the skin upon touch. Initially, anti-inflammatory medication and antihistamines reduce the redness and your discomfort. Soon, the face will dry and feel tight. Scaling, peeling and dryness will occur as the skin sheds the epidermis. After that process, you will have a degree of pinkness to the skin. You can use makeup to conceal this pinkness.

It is important to note that the degree of recovery and pigmentation vary greatly with these treatments. The Erbium has a two-week span while the CO2 can take up to 3 months for all the symptoms to resolve.

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