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IPL – Intense Pulse Light – Photofacial

All photofacial treatments are not the same.

The Alma Laser and new Harmony™ pulsed light system uses Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) and represents the most advanced generation of pulsed light treatments.

The unique shape of the AFT pulse limits peak power to only the therapeutic range, precisely heating the intended part of the skin with a limited risk of skin damage or discomfort. Each pulse delivers a predictable pulse and provides reproducible treatments that are safe and effective.

The Harmony AFT can treat rosacea, broken capillaries, spider veins, hair removal, brown pigmentation, age spots, inflammatory acne, and other benign skin lesions effectively, easily and without downtime. Treatments can be combined with other lasers and light therapies depending on what your skin problems are, using a customized program designed for you.


What is the expected recovery for Laser Photofacial?

Medical Laser and IPL treatments are safe, comfortable and effective without injections, surgery or down time. You can expect your skin to be somewhat flushed after the treatment – similar to a mild sunburn. Any mild symptoms should subside in about 48 hours.

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