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Brow Lifts

Today’s endoscopic plastic surgery provides a natural method of lifting the brow with only a few short incisions. The brow has become recognized as a critical aspect to overall facial rejuvenation. Often, the tired expression is a result of a descended brow rather than only excess eyelid skin or fat. Cosmetic eyelid surgery alone may not always be the right option. Brow lift surgery has reached a very advanced state so that the brow can be restored in a natural pleasing way without significant downtime. A “startled” look after a brow lift reflects inferior results and will not occur with Dr. Beckler’s technique that emphasizes a natural rejuvenation. And, you will be less likely to develop new forehead lines.


What is the role of brow lifting?

Brow lifting can help the tired expression of one’s eyes. Careful review of photographs when you were younger can reveal the normal height and appearance of your brow.

The brow lift is performed by using small incisions behind the hairline (a total of five) that heal quickly. Rather than an exposed or elevated brow, Dr. Beckler achieves a more natural configuration to the brow.

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