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Neck Lifts

When it comes to plastic surgery, a standard neck lift may be ideal for many men and women who want the excess skin removed from their neck area but don’t want a complete face lift. The goal of a neck lift is to achieve a more well-defined jaw and neckline. This plastic surgery procedure may not be beneficial for every individual. A plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Beckler, one of Santa Barbara’s premier plastic surgeons, will help decide whether or not you are a suitable candidate for neck lifts and other facial plastic surgery procedures


What if I just have liposuction instead of a neck lift?

Although liposuction seems to be an appealing option to tighten neck tissue, it is generally not a good solution for someone over 40 years old.

Liposuction is often combined with a tightening procedure to avoid a ‘skeletonized’ appearance of the neck as well as the development of loose and deflated skin after liposuction.

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