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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty (ear surgery) can improve the shape and positioning of your ears. It is also done to correct widened or torn earring holes. If your ears protrude more than normal, this procedure can reposition them closer to your head. Sometimes known as ear-pinning, Otoplasty can reduce the size of your ears if they are large in proportion to your other features.

The supporting tissue of the ear, called cartilage, is reshaped in order to position your ears closer to your head. This is usually done by small incisions placed behind the ear. The subsequent suture line will be placed in the crease behind the ears. A plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Beckler will help decide whether you are a suitable candidate for otoplasty.

Ear surgery is often recommended for children as they near total ear development at the age of seven. Early correction helps diminish potential psychological trauma as they enter school and may be teased by their classmates.


What is the recovery period like?

After ear plastic surgery, you may be instructed to wear gauze dressing for a few days to ensure that your ears heal in their new, corrected position. You can resume most non-strenuous activity within a week.

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