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Reconstruction After Skin Cancer Surgery

The incidence of skin cancer in the United States is very high and many patients, especially those living in California, will be diagnosed with a skin cancer by their Dermatologist. There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma – most common type, squamous cell carcinoma – second most common type, and melanoma – least common but most serious type. 

Once a skin cancer has been diagnosed, it often requires further removal to make sure all of the tumor cells are gone. In order to do this in a way that minimizes the amount of normal tissue that is removed, Dr. Beckler employs a technique using fresh frozen sections of tissue that are analyzed real time by a board certified dermatopathologist (skin pathology expert). They work as a team to ensure that all of the skin cancer is removed while leaving the resulting defect as small as possible. This is very critical in the face and neck area where the amount of tissue removed can have a significant functional and/or cosmetic impact. 

This dual provider approach is truly unique in that a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon takes out the skin cancer and repairs the resulting defect all with confirmation from a skin pathology expert that the tumor has been removed


How long will the visit take?

Normally our patients are in the office a total of 45-60 minutes (total time). Occasionally, if more tumor needs removed in a precise and targeted way, a patient will have to stay longer.

Will my wound be repaired that day?

Yes, the vast majority of wounds can be closed the same day with stitches – internal ones that dissolve on their own and external ones that are removed in the office. Occasionally, some patients will require a separate procedure on a different day to repair the wound depending on the size and/or location.

Can I have more than one site treated in the same visit?

Normally this is not a problem. We understand that getting a skin cancer treated in a timely manner, including doing two on the same day, is important for peace of mind and convenience.

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