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Facelift surgery has come a long way. In the past, pulling the skin back was the only method of a facelift, which would lead to a “windswept look” and a longer recovery time with results that only lasted a few months.

Dr. Beckler, one of Santa Barbara’s premier plastic surgeons, uses the most advanced plastic surgery techniques to provide you with a natural, long-lasting facelift result. All incisions are discreetly placed so friends and family can barely see them, if at all. Additionally, the underlying tissue is lifted up and slightly back to the anatomically correct place. This counteracts gravity more directly and naturally. The goal is a refreshed look (like turning back the clock 10 years) without changing your appearance. Most of our Santa Barbara facelift patients comment on having a less tired more refreshed look. The best compliment is “you’ve lost weight or you look well rested”. Recovery time is about 12 to 14 days. Only after a thorough plastic surgery consultation can you begin to understand what alternatives may exist for you or what procedure will meet your expectations.


What if my jowls or cheeks appear heavier?

Jowls occur because of a loss of elasticity of the skin but also the falling of the underlying fat. The underlying buccal fat can be replaced in a higher position and in a few patients can be partially removed so that the face appears less square and more V shaped. It is often performed through the same facelift incision.

What if I gain or lose weight?

All of us tend to gain weight as we age, it is natural and to be expected. Surprisingly, we can lose some volume in our face as well. Gaining or losing 5-10 pounds or so will not make a significant difference in your face. However, if you plan to lose weight, it would be best to wait until your weight is stable so that your results are more predictable and longer lasting.

Will a facelift take care of the lines around my mouth?

It really depends upon the lines that you mean. The nasolabial fold, which is the crease that comes down from the sides of your nose to the corner of your mouth, will be improved but sometimes requires additional procedures. This is why your facial rejuvenation surgery must be tailored to you. There is no, “one size fits all” approach. Fine lines around the mouth may benefit from fillers or skin tightening procedures such as a laser. 

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